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GESTRA provides construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering, and geotechnical drilling to the transportation and infrastructure market. Our projects include roads, bridges, airports, railroads, and buildings. GESTRA has provided services to the transportation and infrastructure market for over 20 years.

1-94 East-West Corridor Reconstruction

Consists of modernizing the stretch of I-94 between 70th and 16th streets to improve safety, replace aging infrastructure, and reduce congestion.

Zoo Interchange Final Design, Milwaukee County, WI

Addresses the obsolete design of the freeway system, replacing deteriorating pavement and bridges, and accommodating future traffic volumes at an acceptable level of service.


As part of our services on the Corridor Continuity Team GESTRA is completing evaluations north of CTH J for the planned ramp and side road improvements at the CTH U and CTH S interchanges as well as for the new Southbridge interchange.


East-West Bus Rapid Transit, Madison, WI

GESTRA performed geotechnical engineering analysis with responsibilities including subsurface exploration, reviewing soil samples and laboratory testing results, geotechnical analysis and report preparation. Geotechnical engineering services were related to the design of signs, platforms, pavement, and storm water basins.

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