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GESTRA Engineering is a consulting firm specializing in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, geotechnical and environmental drilling. GESTRA was founded in 2000 to provide Government Agencies, Municipalities, Engineers, Architects and Contractors with high quality and cost efficient engineering services. Our projects range in size and complexity from large development projects to small challenging assignments. To enhance the capabilities of technical personnel, GESTRA maintains in house and external training programs. GESTRA provides a wide range of services, starting during the initial planning and feasibility studies to project completion.

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For their employees, GESTRA sponsors and encourages employee participation in regional activities of field related professional organizations. Our geotechnical exploration and engineering services help engineers, architects and developers in selecting a suitable site, understanding the potential problems, determining the most suitable foundation type and estimating the soil bearing capacities. During the construction phase, GESTRA provides a full range of construction material quality control and quality assurance services to help maintain compliance with the project plan and specifications.

Awards & Recognitions

WisDOT Secretary’s Golden Shovel Award (Quality Engineering) - 2015


• Geotechnical Engineering
• Geotechnical Laboratory and Field Services
• Soil Evaluation for Storm Water Infiltration
• Pavement Engineering
• Construction Material Engineering
• Drilling 


GESTRA is a quality based organization and follows all ASTM testing requirements when applicable. Our organization complies with quality assurance and calibration requirements outlined in ASTM.


• Track Mounted Dietrich D-50 Drill Rig
• Two Truck Mounted CME -75 Drill Rig
• Truck Mounted CME 45C Drill Rig
• Geo Probe - Track ATV Drill Rig
• TEXAM Pressuremeter
• Consolidated/ Unconsolidated  Triaxial   
• Incremental Consolidation & Swell Testing
• Unconfined Compression Test 
• Flex Panel for Permeability Test
• Nuclear Density Gauges

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