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GESTRA performs its own field and laboratory tests for almost all the services offered. We have a geotechnical laboratory and geotechnical field exploration equipment. GESTRA is equipped to handle virtually all the laboratory and field testing needs of our clients.  GESTRA works closely with each of its clients to gain a distinct understanding of the project. When we fully understand the uses of the prospective property or area, GESTRA can design a unique geotechnical exploration program which will help ensure that the most pertinent data is obtained. With our local knowledge and geotechnical expertise, we can assist our clients in obtaining the most cost effective and useful subsurface information.

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Services Include:

Field Testing:

  •  Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

  •  Rotary Mud Drilling

  •  Flight Auger Drilling

  •  Standard Penetration Testing

  •  Vane Shear Testing

  •  Shelby Tube Sampling

  •  Pressuremeter Testing

  •  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Testing

  •  Piezometer Installation & Water Level Monitoring

  •  Slope Inclinometer Installation and Testing

Laboratory Testing:

  • Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test

  • Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test

  • Swell Test

  • Rock Quality Designation - (Rock Core)

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength Testing

  • Hydrometer Analysis

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Mechanical Analysis

  • Miller Box

  • Density Test

  • Specific Gravity

  • Consolidation Test

  • Permeability Test

  • Moisture & Organic Content

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