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GESTRA strives to provide excellent work to a wide range of markets. Servicing the commercial and retail, federal, healthcare, industrial, power generation and transmission, transportation and infrastructure, and utilities and water resource.

GESTRA provides geotechnical engineering, geotechnical and environmental drilling, and construction materials testing to several clients. Our mission is to provide high quality and cost-efficient engineering and testing services to all our markets.

Transportation and Infastructure

Transportation and Infrastructure

We are deeply involved with our local and state governments with a goal to improve the lives of those on the road and more! Click the button below to see some key examples of our company making a difference in the community,

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GESTRA has completed thousands of geotechnical engineering, geotechnical drilling, and construction materials testing projects for municipalities and state agencies and related organizations. We have also worked extensively with numerous federal government organizations including the Army Corps of Engineers and Veteran Affairs as a prime and sub-contractor. Currently, GESTRA is working with WisDOT, county and municipality government for geotechnical engineering, construction material testing, and drilling services as a prime or sub.

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GESTRA helps plan, estimate, and schedule the underground elements of buildings and infrastructure construction, a part of the project that is often “fast-tracked” to get construction started and out of the ground. We have completed thousands of projects for new buildings and facilities, additions and renovations, helping companies manage the geotechnical risks and uncertainties of underground construction.

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Utilities/ Water Resources

GESTRA has worked for over 20 years as consulting engineers to the power industry. GESTRA performs geotechnical investigations and feasibility studies and geotechnical reports of concern to the electric/gas utilities industry. We have been serving the Power Industry since 2003. Our projects include work on dams, substations, and transmissions. Facilities, additions and renovations, helping companies manage the geotechnical risks and uncertainties of underground construction.

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GESTRA has worked on thousands of commercial projects. Providing services from geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and geotechnical drilling services. Our commercial projects range from hotels, developments, apartment buildings, to restaurants, and so much more.

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GESTRA has provided both geotechnical services and construction materials testing services to the healthcare industry. From senior living centers to hospital helipads, GESTRA has helped the healthcare industry expand by providing our services.

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Power Generation/ Transmission

GESTRA provides engineering services, drilling services, and construction materials testing services to the power generation and transmission industry. We have completed several projects on substations, control buildings, site preparation foundations, and generator pads.

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