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GESTRA has completed thousands of geotechnical engineering, geotechnical drilling, and construction materials testing projects for municipalities and state agencies and related organizations. We have also worked extensively with numerous federal government organizations including the Army Corps of Engineers and Veteran Affairs as a prime and sub-contractor. Currently, GESTRA is working with WisDOT, county and municipality government for geotechnical engineering, construction material testing, and drilling services as a prime or sub.

Periodic Inspection FY13-2 West Okeechobee and
Clewiston Regions, FL

GESTRA engineers reviewed design criteria and current design standards.

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Mississippi River Project
Closure Structure Design-Lock and Dam 3-4-6-8 USACE
– Rock Island District, IL

GESTRA’s scope included designing the closure structure that is a double sheet pile wall filled with select granular borrow material and anchored together using tie-rods in both directions to stabilize the structure and prevent loading of the existing lock structure monoliths.

Saylorville Big Creek Barrier Dam, New Pump Station,
Polk County, IA

This project covers all services required to prepare plans, specifications, and other supporting documents
necessary for construction of the new Pump Station and modification of the existing pump station. A complete design, including a schedule of prices, a sequence of work, and much more.

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A-E Design Services to Prepare Plans and Specifications,
Parle Dam, MN

This project includes sluice gate replacement, addition of a permanent dewatering system (stoplogs), and construction
of trash racks within Bays 1-4. Gate replacement consists of the installation of new stainless steel gates, stems and
actuators. Necessary concrete repairs to the up and downstream parts of the existing structure will be identified once the gate bays have been dewatered.

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