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During the construction phase, GESTRA provides a full range of construction materials observations and testing services to evaluate adherence to project plans and specifications.

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Some of the construction & material engineering services GESTRA provides include:

Soil and Aggregate Testing:

  • Foundation Soil Bearing Capacity

  • Nuclear Density Test

  • Laboratory Compaction Tests

  • (Standard and Modified Proctors)

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength

  • Mechanical Analysis

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Hydrometer Analysis

  • Consolidation Testing

  • Triaxial Shear Strength Tests

  • Hydraulic Conductivity (Permeability Testing)

Masonry Testing:

  • Compressive Strength of CMU

  • Mortar Compressive Strength

  • Masonry Prism

  • Grout Compressive Strength

Asphalt Testing:

  • Nuclear Density 

  • Core Density by Displacement

  • QC/QA Field and Laboratory Testing

Concrete Testing:

  • Concrete Cylinder & Core Compressive Strength Test

  • Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams

  • Concrete Sampling

  • Slump

  • Temperature

  • Unit Weight/Yield

  • Casting of Fresh Concrete Cylinders

  • Coring of in-place Concrete

  • Schmidt Rebound Hammer Test

  • Floor Flatness Testing

  • Post Tensioning Inspection

Other Construction Related Services:

  • Pile and Caisson Installation Inspection

  • Concrete Slab Vapor Transmission Test

  • Vibration/Blast Monitoring

  • Fireproofing Materials Testing

  • Visual Weld Inspection

  • Bolt Torque Testing

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