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Our geotechnical engineering service helps engineers, architects, and developers by assisting in site selection, understanding anticipated problems, Identifying the optimal foundation type, and estimating the soil bearing capacities.

GESTRA works closely with each of its clients in order to gain a distinct understanding of the project.  When we fully understand the uses of the prospective property or area, we can design a unique geotechnical exploration program which will ensure that the most pertinent data is obtained.  GESTRA uses its local knowledge and geotechnical expertise to assist its clients in obtaining the most cost effective and useful subsurface information.

Subsurface information for a prospective property or structure is imperative in order to reduce the risk of incurring extras during construction pertaining to soil and groundwater issues. If unfavorable conditions do exist, GESTRA consults with the respective party by providing recommendations for remediation options. The costs associated with subsurface remediation can make or break a project, however, if known up front, the project will be a success.

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Geotechnical services include providing recommendations and/or design for the following elements or facilities:

  • Shallow Foundations

  • Deep foundations – Pile and Caisson

  • Large Industrial Equipment Foundation Pads

  • Underpinning Existing Structures

  • Cofferdams

  • Slurry Walls

  • Slope Stability Enhancement

  • Retaining Walls

  • Embankments

  • Highways/Railways

  • Earthen Dams/Dikes/Levees

  • Underground Structures of all Types

  • Soil Stabilization

  • Soil Parameters for Pavement Design

  • Detention Ponds

  • Bridges​

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