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GESTRA Engineering Inc. offers a wide range of environmental drilling and geotechnical drilling for site investigation and remediation services. Our drilling services can be made available for both onshore and offshore drilling projects, We have developed a reputation for providing high-quality, cost-effective services and for finding appropriate solutions for difficult project requirements. Our experience and resources help ensure that your project will be accomplished in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, GESTRA Engineering Inc. is committed to providing the owner and environment consultant with the best value in environmental drilling and related services.

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GESTRA’s drilling services include the following types of activities:


  • SPT sampling

  • Auger drilling

  • Rotary wash boring

  • Well installations

  • Vibrating wire piezometer installment

  • Slope inclinometer installments

  • Thermistor installments

  • Settlement plate installations

  • Pressuremeter drilling

  • Rail drilling

  • Rock coring

  • Utility monitoring point installation


  • Monitoring well installation

  • Piezometer installation

  • Recovery well installation

  • Geoprobe direct push sampling

  • Prepacked well installation

  • Dual tube sampling

  • Macro core sampling

  • Decontamination pads

  • Limited access equipment

  • Handheld geoprobe sampling

  • Monitoring well & boring abandonments grouting

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